About Us

Welcome to Turtle Rays, where passion meets t-shirts! Allow us to introduce ourselves – we're Dominic and Hayley, the dynamic co-founders behind this vibrant venture.
At Turtle Rays, our philosophy is simple: we only design t-shirts on things we absolutely love. We believe that clothing should reflect our passions, allowing us to express ourselves authentically. That's why we pour our hearts and souls into every design, ensuring that each t-shirt we create is a testament to our genuine adoration for the subject matter.
Our journey began when we discovered our shared love for both fashion and the things that bring us joy. With our creative energies aligned, we set out to establish a brand that embodies our unique blend of enthusiasm and style. And thus, Turtle Rays was born!
We take immense pride in the fact that every t-shirt we offer is a product we would wear ourselves. We firmly believe that if we don't genuinely adore a design, how can we expect our customers to fall in love with it? It is this unwavering commitment to quality and passion that sets us apart from the rest.
Our t-shirts are not just ordinary garments; they are wearable stories that celebrate the things that ignite our souls. From enchanting landscapes and mystical creatures to pop culture references and heartwarming moments, our designs capture the essence of what makes life beautiful. Each shirt is a canvas upon which we paint our passions, ensuring that you not only wear a piece of clothing but also carry a piece of our hearts.
We prioritize comfort, durability, and attention to detail, ensuring that your Turtle Rays t-shirt becomes a cherished companion on your journey through life.
Join us in celebrating the things we love most. Discover a treasure trove of t-shirts that capture your own passions, and proudly wear your heart on your sleeve – quite literally! With Turtle Rays T-Shirt Company, you can trust that each design is a genuine reflection of our love, and we hope it brings a smile to your face every time you wear it.
Thank you for choosing Turtle Rays. We can't wait to embark on this exciting adventure with you, one t-shirt at a time!
Warmest regards,
Dominic and Hayley Co-founders of Turtle Rays.